Fresh Long-Stem Roses

    • $68

S31's Valentine's Bouquet. One dozen roses cut and craftily pre-arranged in your loft by S31's Guest Experience Concierge.

Helium Hearts Bouquet

    • $68

S31's Helium Hearts Bouquet. 10 balloons. The bouquet will be beautifully pre-arranged in your loft by the S31 Guest Experience Concierge.  

Rose Pedals + Tea Candles

    • $100

Craftily arranged by S31's Guest Experience Concierge, a beautiful arrangement of red rose pedals and bedside tea candles. Candles are battery-powered.

Charcuterie Board

    • $35

A delectable assortment of premium meats and cheeses freshly assembled and placed in your loft by our Guest Experience Concierge.